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Event Management 101- Nuts and Bolts

Event Management is something that most people think of as a simple task. Pull a few things together, prepare a little budget, get a few people to help and there you have an event. This could not be further from the truth.

Managing an event of any type requires a few skills and a certain creative talent that not everyone possesses. Let us look at some main elements of event management that you should bear in mind to have what can be considered a successful event.

Before we get into the skeleton casings of the actual management of an event though, it is important that we clarify what exactly can be considered an event and how to go about your initial planning.

Your mother’s 80th birthday is approaching. In celebration of her surpassing the biblical time allowance of 3 score and 10 you want to have a grand bash, so you plan a Golden Girl Get Down! Event.

You meet the person of your dreams and reality leads you down the altar where wedding bells ring. Event.

The Parent teachers association decides to host an old girls/old boys sports day. Event.

Your company is hosting a weekend seminar for 300 people from around the region. Event.

You are raising awareness about a particular disease so you plan an open day in town. Event.

Carnival, shows, dinners, showers, funerals, parties, reunions, fun runs, walkathons, competitions, rallies, these are all events. There is hardly an industry, business or person that will not at some time have to plan or be involved in the organisation of an event.

An event begins with an idea. From that idea, and with the end result in mind, the first phase of any event concept must consist of:



In the Research phase, a number of questions must be answered. What is the reason for this event? What do you hope to achieve? Who is your audience? Who are the participants? What do they like? What basic needs do you need to consider? What may prevent the event from proceeding as you imagine? Why is this event a good idea at that time? You may be familiar with the term SWOT Analysis but if not it refers to Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. These are the things you will be reviewing in your research.

The Design phase of planning an event is about exploring your creativity. The design phase allows your mind to travel. Here you create the vision of the reality you hope to achieve. If you think about it, this is the part where you can become like a child again. Let your ideas flow freely. Add colour, add sound, add ambience, and add visual candy!! Whereas the research phase poses a lot of serious questions like who, what, where, when, this phase poses only one. HOW?