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Signature Programmes

The following programs have been specifically developed by NIA COMMS to provide you with a “menu” from which to choose. Each of our “Signature” topics may be requested as stand-alone motivational and instructional presentations, or keynote, conference, corporate training, seminar breakout or other training. Customization is available upon your request.


Frontline staff are the first point of contact and the first impression of you and your business. The way they respond to your clients is a direct reflection of your company culture. Let’s ensure they are making the right impression.

C-Suite Etiquette ©

Are you the CEO? Are you referred to as “management”? Then you are sitting in the C Suite. There are some important things you may have missed on your way up to that office with a view. This workshop covers a range of topics to ensure you are performing at your best.

Service with Care ©

“Customer service is not a job. It’s everyone’s business. “– Anon. To maintain optimum levels of customer care, refreshers are a necessity. Not only do they reinforce what you already know but refreshers unveil new dimensions to your understanding of what it means to provide service with care.


Do people listen when you speak? Is your message really reaching your audience? Do you inspire people to action with your words? This Programme will teach you how to connect effectively with any audience. You will learn how to present with confidence so that your message is received.

R.E.A.C.H ©

Social Media in a digital world is constantly changing. If you want to learn tips and tricks to stay ahead of this quickly changing game, this program suited to a diverse audience will appeal to you.

Own It! ©

Expansion, Acceptance, Honesty and Redefinition are the basis of this program. One cannot expand without owning all aspects of their current reality.


Geared to WOMEN who want to reclaim their lives, reclaim their passions and redefine their lives.

Sharpen your Saw ©

Getting back to the basics that make you an asset means evaluating your growth and refreshing your mindset. A variety of topics are covered in this training including customer service, effective communication, working with a team and motivating from within.